Andries Deinum Visionaries and Provocateurs

Film educator Andries Deinum transformed Portland’s cultural and intellectual landscape in the 60s through his innovative use of film in education. Deinum’s unique approach to teaching placed film at the heart of a liberal arts education, a hub that linked with and enriched many disciplines. Following the tradition of Van Gogh, whom he greatly admired, Deinum believed that “art is nothing at all unless it is equipment for living…unless it untangles our surrounding chaos for us, rather than adding to it.” Hence his oft’ cited dictum: “Art should stir people up, not mix them up.” He railed against “irrelevant ingenuities” that flood popular culture, and encouraged his film students to look beyond the screen to see the bigger picture.  More on Deinum

“Stories Under the Bridges” is the 2018-2019 Andries Deinum Project awarded to Cheryl Leontina by PSU’s College of the Arts for Visionaries and Provocateurs